In Proportion

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual – I mean, hunger woke me up 😩. And since it was way-too-early for breakfast, I decided to read my Bible…on my phone....

Few years ago, I was walking home from church with Amina, my friend, and I said ” I believe God somehow lets us go through certain things because of the things He has in store for us. More like an ‘excuse’ to bless us. I know God doesn’t need an excuse but maybe He does cos you know He’s not partial. So what we go through is like a justification for the later blessings”. Amina nodded and we went home.

I didn’t know what I was saying, but I knew I was saying something 😝.

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual – I mean, hunger woke me up 😩. And since it was way-too-early for breakfast, I decided to read my Bible…on my phone. And while reading Psalm 33, I was kinda drawn to verse 22 of it👇

“Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, IN PROPORTION to our waiting and hoping for You”

When I saw it, I paused. There was certainly something in there. I knew it. And after meditating for few seconds, God showed me “IN PROPORTION”.

Think of Rachel and Leah for a moment. Rachel was childless while Leah kept having babies. Rachel had to wait until after Leah had had 6 sons and one daughter 😩. The first time I read the story, sorry I mean “listened to this” ( I have an awesome audio bible by the way), I cried for Rachel cos I thought it wasn’t her fault that Jacob loved her. I even thought God did ‘ojoro’ for Leah because Jacob didn’t love her. Forgive me Lord, for thinking like that 😂.

But really, beyond feeling for Rachel, what made me cry was the fact that, it seemed God had forgotten about her. Yet the Bible says in Genesis 30:22 that God remembered Rachel and gave her a son – now wait for this, not just any son. God gave her Joseph 😭😍. The LEGENDARY JOSEPH. At that point, I cried like G-O-D 😩.

Another good example was Hannah. She was in similar situation with Rachel. Only that her own rival Peninnah was one-of-a-kind 😑. As if being barren was not bad enough, “Peninnah provoked her, so she wept and did not eat” 😩.

Amazing thing to me was, Hannah waited for a really long time. And apparently, it wasn’t easy for her as well like Rachel. But here’s the thing, when God eventually ‘remembered’ Hannah, she had a son, now not just any son, but Samuel, the great prophet of God.

Same thing with Elizabeth. The wife of Zechariah. Zechariah had waited and waited so long that even when angel Gabriel eventually came to give him the good news that his wife was going to give birth to a son, he didn’t believe him 😩. His response was heartbreaking “what proof is there for this? I’m an old man, and my wife is beyond her childbearing years.” 💔.

But like Rachel and Hannah, Elizabeth did have a son, but not just any son as well, she gave birth to John the Baptist.

Now, I’m not telling you all these because I am a storyteller. I’m trying to show you a pattern. I’m trying to show you that if you have endured ‘ridiculous’ hardships, then you should expect even more ridiculous breakthroughs. If it seems you have had to endure one-of-a-kind type troubles, then better be prepared and ‘expect’ to receive one-of-a-kind breakthroughs that make people around you gossip to one another “I think he’s using juju” 😂.

If you have been waiting and believing God for a job, a spouse, a child, whatever else you know is the will of God for you, and the waiting seems like ‘waiting for forever’, then take a deep breath, smile and thank God in advance.

Things are going to change in your favor. And when it does, you’re not just going to get a breakthrough, you’re going to get one that is “in proportion to your waiting and hoping”.

You: Why?

 Me: *whispers* Because…God is Just 🚶.

Curtain drops!

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My name is Arinola. Some people call me Arin. Some call me Nola. You can call me MsGenesis.

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