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I had just finished NYSC and news were already flying in the company where I served that we would be retained. “We” meaning all the youth corpers that served there,...

‭‭The past few months have shone me things about myself that I didn’t realize until now. I have come from a place of “if God doesn’t do something for me, then we’re done” to even “if he chooses to not grant some requests he’d still be God”. And that is so freeing. To be honest.

Imagine you’re believing GOD for a car and the more you pray the more it seems it eludes you. And if you’ll be honest, at some point in this journey you get tired and maybe even think “if God doesn’t give me this car that I have been asking for for forever, then I’m not going to church. I can as well stay at home. Can’t be dragging danfo seats with agbero” 😂😂😂.


Let me share a short story with you. The year was 2010. I had just finished NYSC and news were already flying in the company where I served that we would be retained. “We” meaning all the youth corpers that served there, which I happened to be one of. Now imagine my dismay when the other corpers at the organization received their employment letter way ahead of passing out time. Lol. And nobody was saying anything about mine. Lol. To say I was furious would be putting it mildly ‘cos I was livid 😂😂😂.

That was not all. Even after NYSC ended, I was informed I’d still get the 25k corpers salary for no reason other than “they didn’t know I was passing out on the same day with the other guys”. Me: really? 🙄😂😂😂😂.

I was sooo tempted to leave but didn’t because…wise counsel from friends at the company, I needed the money and I just knew leaving wasn’t the right decision. So I stayed.

Prior to that, I had been invited to speak at an event in UNILAG to testify about the goodness of God and though I had already given the organizers my “yes, I’ll be there”, I told God “Lord, help me sort this employment letter thing. Imagine how awesome it would be if I go to UNILAG with that letter in hand? Plus You know it would look somehow if I’m testifying about your goodness and I don’t even have a job. What if they ask me what I’m doing now?” My words exactly.

Kept praying along those lines. It was now like a week to that program, no employment letter in view. I got upset and told God “if I don’t get that letter, I’m not going to UNILAG to testify” 😂. I imagine God saying “fine 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂”.

But I came back to my senses later and finally decided that “even if I don’t get the letter, I’ll still go. I’ll talk about the goodness of God from past experience. That counts too”. Lol and that was exactly what I was going to talk about.

Fast forward to the D-Day, my friend had come to get me so we could waltz to UNILAG together in a cab. While I was rushing to meet him in front of my office, HR was running behind me “where have you been?”. She asked. “At my desk, of course”. I replied. To which she responded “I have been looking for you all day. I have something for you”. Then I followed her to her office, guess what she handed me?

My employment letter!!! My friend almost passed out 😵 when he saw the letter like “do you have the hotline to heaven or something?” 😂😂😂😂. That’s not all, the letter was backdated to the previous month when the other corpers got their letters and they paid me the # difference of the salary I should have received for the previous month. Now tell me God is not good 😩.

Employment Letter
I got it and you will too!

Are you at the point I was in at the beginning of that story? Maybe you have prayed and prayed and now you’re weary because you’re tired, for real.

If that’s you, then I’d like you to consider what happened between Ruth and Naomi. You know the story. Naomi was Ruth’s mother-in-law and after losing her sons and husband, Naomi urged Ruth (and Orpah) to “Turn back, my daughters, go” because she literally had nothing else to offer Ruth (and Orpah). Even though that was true, it wasn’t enough to deter Ruth. Instead she followed Naomi to Bethlehem. And of course, you know how the story ended. While Ruth was busy taking care of her mother-in-law, God hooked her up with Boaz.

Did you say plot twist?

What I’m saying is, I believe that sometimes circumstances like the ones described are tests to see if we’ll continue following God even when it looks like our circumstances aren’t changing. So, don’t turn back. God will meet you at the point of your need, okay?

My name is Arinola. Some people call me Arin. Some call me Nola. You can call me MsGenesis.

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