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For inspiration, mostly!

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Whatever he tells you to do, do!

There was another unique category – those that didn’t pick up their phones AT ALL. Which made me pray subconsciously “Dear Lord, the day they will call me that I...

 I met an interesting woman back in December, 2014. It started with a phone call from me to her…

Arinola: Hello Ma

Madam: hello

Arinola: My name is Arinola. I am calling from phone company (stated company). Did you take part in any competition?

Madam: Yes, I did. (Stated competition)

Arinola: Can you confirm your name please?

Madam: Confirms her name

Arinola: What if I told you that you just won a car in the (stated competition), would you believe me?

Madam: Yes I would believe. I have been trusting God for a car, in fact, I am at Shiloh.

Her response not only shocked me but also everyone else present in the room during the call. She had us 😳. I will tell you why.

You see, she was not the first car winner we had called and she was definitely not the last. Funningly, because of the Nigerian factor, every other caller that we previously called had a tough time believing they truly won despite the fact that they actually entered this competition. SMH.

Doubtful winner.
“Who won which car? Wrong number please”

Some went as far as threatening to cut the call while some actually did cut the call 😩 so we had to call back.

There was another unique category – those that didn’t pick up their phones AT ALL. Which made me pray subconsciously “Dear Lord, the day they will call me that I have won a car, Lord, let me pick my phone — on time — lest they be tempted to pick another winner” 😂.

Anyways, because of her response, some of us looked forward to meeting her. Fast forward to the key presentation, she told us what inspired her boldness.

“You see, I have been believing God for a car. Then God told me to go and buy a new phone. Initially I was confused because I had two phones then. So I waved the prompting aside.

But the prompting continued and in fact God told me to buy the phone from a specific shop in Onitsha. (That’s where she lives, by the way). After wondering and wondering why He wanted me to buy a new phone, I finally decided to obey and thought that maybe He wanted me to buy the new phone so that I could take better pictures at Shiloh. So I bought the smallest phone and after that, the shop attendant said I have qualified for a car. Then I left. Prior to that, while still believing God for the car, I learnt how to drive because I can’t be asking God for a car if I can’t drive. Also, when Federal government rolled out the new drivers license, I renewed mine too which made people ask me ‘why are you stressing yourself? It’s not like you have a car’ but I told them not to worry 😊. Then after all these, I bought the phone, I was at Shiloh and you called that I had won a car, I just knew God had done it. Because I had been asking Him for it’

Her words just made me melt, to be very honest. And even though this happened in 2014, whenever I remember, it still gives me chillsl all over.

What i picked from her story? Same thing Mary told the people at the wedding recorded in the New Testament where Jesus turned water to wine “whatever He tells you to do, do it”.

We operate in the realm of sense but God doesn’t. Which explains why most of the things God asks us to do don’t make sense.

For our own sakes, we ALL have to be willing to do what He tells us to do whether it makes sense or not like our dear woman from Onitsha😊.

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